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Yaroslav Nikolaev
(1899 - 1978)




Unknown Socialist Realism. The Leningrad School. St. Petersburg, Russian Painting Collectors' Club, 2007.

The book is a first inclusive publication on the history of the Leningrad School, one of the brightest and significant phenomena in the Soviet Art of 1930-1980 that strongly influenced its contents and development. The book outlines basic periods of the school's evolution from the period preceded its formation in the early 1930s up to the early 1990s. Paintings reproduced in the publication belong to large Russian and foreign private collections, some of the works are published for the first time. This allows for a renewed and more comprehensive assessment of the art heritage of individual painters and the epoch in general.
Published in St.Petersburg by Russian Painting Collectors' Club.
Text by Sergei V. Ivanov.
Limited, 450 pages, 343 color plates with numerous black and white photographs of artists. Hard cover with cloth and gold stamping, 12,7 x 10 inches. Historical outline. Chronology of the Leningrad School. Index of more than 1200 painters. Artists' Biographies and Bibliography of the Leningrad School of Painting.
Texts in Russian and English.
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